1919: foundation of Elbe with 5 employees
production of turned and milled parts on a paid labor basis began


1924: steering for trucks and automobiles


1935: ball joint and cardan shafts for the off highway industry and mechanical engineering

1950: production of cardan shafts and small double joint shafts for tractor steering axles


1969: Hans Elbe introduced pension schemes for his employees

1973: foundation of ELSO Elbe GmbH & Co. KG


1976: the ball joint and socket joint production as well as the hardening plant moved from Bietigheim to Hofheim

1990: new building ELSO Hofheim/Ufr.


1993: acquisition of DBM and DBM Sud in Italy


1994: foundation of Elbe Italia and Elbe USA


1999: foundation of ELSO Hungaria in Eger

2000: foundation of Elbe Holding


2004: establishment of Elbe Service


2006: full acquisition of Zodel Hungaria and merger with Elso Hungaria BT


2007: equity participation in EK Cardan in Brazil.

Extension of the production area of Elbe in Bietigheim-Bissingen by 5.000 m2.

Extension of the program: new product – rigid shaft.

Aims and objectives of Elbe Group

  • challenging approach to transmission solutions
  • delivery of small and large quantities
  • global presence