EST Sensory Drive Shaft

For the drive technology of machines and vehicles

Suitable for off-highway | highway | mechanical engineering | MRO | service | customizing

Elbe Sensing Technology EST

Measuring data live – directly from the drive shaft without adjustment in its design.

Application and benefit:

  • Process monitoring and optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Process control through torque control
  • Determination of load collectives

Key Features:

  • A great variety of measuring data in one sensor
  • Robust sensor technology protected in the inner part of the drive shaft
  • Reading out and logging of sensor data with up to 500 Hz
  • Optimized for wireless use
  • With integrated speed and acceleration sensor
  • Different wireless energy options (battery, induction)
  • Compatible with Gateway coreGATE for easy connection with control or measuring computer
  • Integrated intelligence on board: by detecting and saving events plenty of applications are feasible

Measurands Sensor Technology:

  • Torque: standard measurement range 25 Nm – 6.000 Nm*
  • Axle force: standard measurement range 50 N – 125.000 N*
  • Lateral force | bending: lateral forces up to 100 kN*
  • Acceleration: 3 axis accelerometer up to 30 g
  • Rotation speed: Sensor up to 2.500 rpm
  • Temperature: integrated temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring: storage of signal sequences
  • Interpretation: Real-time analysis of the sensor data

* measurement range other than indicated on request

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