Life expectancy calculation to inquiry the Size

For calculating the lifetime of the Elbe shafts in the 0.100 series, on our website we offer a tool for shaft design. You get instant results for the dimensions and lifetime of the drive shaft.

By forbidden input values, you will be get a error message.
Are all inputs correct, click you please on button "calculation".


Enter you the nominal operating torque range(max. 26750 Nm).

Enter you the operating angle of deflection (min. 3°, max. 35°).

As a sign of seperation please take always a point!

Enter you the operating speed (1/min).

Enter you the regeusted life time (in hours).

Choose you the shock load.

As a sign of seperation please take always a point!

Please note:

Depending on the type of drive/the respective application case, a cardan shaft that is significantly above the nominal torque may be exposed to impact loads or oscillations. In order to take these into consideration, shock factors must be used. Examples of the shock factor can be found in the
technical appendix

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